Ship­ping & Delivery

Please note that ship­ping costs or at least the ways in which they are cal­cu­lat­ed (e.g. accord­ing to weight) need to be indi­cat­ed for all coun­tries you ship to.

If you only ship to spe­cif­ic coun­tries you must inform your cus­tomers as such. You must also ensure that you only select those coun­tries as ship­ping loca­tions in your WooCom­merce set­tings. You should not use claus­es such as “Ship­ping costs to oth­er coun­tries only avail­able on request”.

Prices, ship­ping costs and deliv­ery information

The prices giv­en on prod­uct pages are inclu­sive of statu­to­ry val­ue-added tax (VAT) and oth­er price components.

We only ship to address­es in Ger­many and Austria.

In addi­tion to the prod­uct prices indi­cat­ed we also charge flat-rate ship­ping costs for deliv­ery with­in Ger­many and Aus­tria [EUR 6.90 per order]. Ship­ping costs are com­mu­ni­cat­ed to you dur­ing the bas­ket process and recon­firmed on the order page.

Cus­tomers who opt to pay cash on deliv­ery will be charged an addi­tion­al [EUR 2] fee payable to the local car­ri­er. [No oth­er tax­es or fees are incurred.]

No ship­ping costs are incurred in con­nec­tion with dig­i­tal con­tent (e.g. e‑books, soft­ware, etc.).

[Note to traders: The fol­low­ing pas­sage is essen­tial if you charge flat-rate ship­ping costs. If you do not the pas­sage can be deleted]

Ship­ping costs are charged at a flat rate of EUR [VAL­UE] and are inclu­sive of statu­to­ry val­ue-added tax (VAT). The fact that the amount of VAT includ­ed in ship­ping costs is cal­cu­lat­ed on the basis of the goods pur­chased means that it may decrease if the goods pur­chased are sub­ject to a low­er rate of VAT (e.g. books). This, in turn, means that defin­i­tive ship­ping costs can only be cal­cu­lat­ed dur­ing the order process. As it is not per­mit­ted for them to increase they will only be adjust­ed to your ben­e­fit (i.e. reduced).