Pay­ment Methods

Pay­ment types

We offer you the fol­low­ing pay­ment types. Sim­ply browse the list for the best pay­ment type for you. Ship­ping costs may vary depend­ing on the pay­ment type select­ed. The prices giv­en in the respec­tive offers are final and include all price com­po­nents (includ­ing any applic­a­ble tax such as val­ue-added tax (VAT)). Oth­er tax­es (e.g. those applic­a­ble to intra-Com­mu­ni­ty pur­chas­es) and/​or duties (e.g. cus­toms duty) are only incurred in con­nec­tion with cross-bor­der trans­ac­tions and are payable to the respec­tive cus­toms and/​or tax author­i­ties and not the ven­dor. The costs of ship­ping and deliv­ery are not includ­ed in the pur­chase price and can be viewed on the “Ship­ping costs” page. They are indi­cat­ed sep­a­rate­ly dur­ing the order process and to be paid by you in addi­tion to the pur­chase price.


Pay­ment is even quick­er and eas­i­er with your Pay­Pal account.