Viola Beuscher Ceramics in Frankfurt

Since 2016 Viola Beuscher has been intensively involved in the making of functional ceramics, approaching her desire for deceleration and concentration on the substance: manual work instead of mental work, mindfulness instead of destruction, quality instead of quantity.


On the pot­ter’s wheel or with her hands she hand builts time­less, func­tion­al and min­i­mal­ist prod­ucts. Her focus is on every­thing that comes on the table:

Plates, cups, bowls, vas­es and more — Vio­la Beusch­er wants to cre­ate things that are used and loved. In terms of sur­face and shape, it is pri­mar­i­ly guid­ed by the inher­ent prop­er­ties of the clay and empha­sizes it — mak­ing each pot an unmis­tak­able unique piece.

hand made

All prod­ucts are weelthrown, hand built, sculpt­ed from slabs and glazed by Vio­la and her team in the stu­dio in Frank­furt am Main. No two pieces are the same. Lit­tle imper­fec­tions and unex­pect­ed details give it an unique feel and char­ac­ter.